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Just One More?

2390993Is there a stratagem for delaying bedtime unknown to children? Possibly not, but the small bear in Nancy Markham Alberts’ captivating text wants to climb a tree, search for honey, and catch a fish— decidedly a different way to avoid going to bed! Kind, loving mother bear acquiesces, much to the young bear’s surprise. Observant readers will know exactly why the young bear is allowed to stay up and live out their best hopes for putting off the inevitable.

Acclaimed for the beauty of this paintings of the animal world, John Butler’s remarkable talent is enhanced by a translucent flocking technique that renders the lovely paintings wonderfully soft-to-the-touch. Like Bless This Mouse (Handprint), also illustrated by John Butler, this book is an exquisite tactile experience to share at bedtime.

 Review of Just One More? from School Library Journal:
Little Bear is resisting bedtime, while Mother Bear is allowing her cub to watch the sky turn “just one more” shade before insisting that they both retire to their cave. The youngster wants to climb “just one more” tree and catch “just one more” fish. Mother Bear is oh-so-patient because she knows that winter and hibernation lie ahead. Soft muted pastel colors grace the sky, and readers observe the changes from a brilliant blue of afternoon to an orangish glow of dusk to a blue-gray of early evening. Bringing to mind picture books of the 1940s, each page is flocked with a soft texture for the two bears as well as other critters, such as badgers or bunnies in the background meadow. Yet the high gloss of the paper contributes to a modern artistic look, and Mother Bear’s piercing, shiny black eyes protect her loved one as she snuggles up with him for their long winter’s nap. An additional tale for libraries needing more bedtime stories.