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Elizabeth’s Beauty

photo 1 (1) 2My mother always said she thought of Elizabeth’s Beauty as “our book.” It is based on the real experience of me rescuing an injured monarch butterfly from a busy road, and nursing it back to health in our family garden. Elizabeth’s Beauty was awarded the Family Channel “Seal of Quality” in 1997.

The "Butterfly Garden Mix" that came inside each book.

The “Butterfly Garden Mix” that came inside each book.

Elizabeth rescues an injured butterfly while visiting with her grandfather on a warm summer day. Although disabled by a stroke and unable to speak, Grandpa smiles at the sight of the butterfly.
But Elizabeth must protect the little creature from hungry robins and Adam, the boy next door, who collects butterflies.
Mom thinks the butterfly may have hurt its leg or wing. Adam says it is hungry. 
First the young girl gives her “beauty” some sugar water. It stretches out its tongue and drinks! Then she blows bubbles to show the butterfly the way. She even pins lace curtains to her shirt sleeves and demonstrates how to fly.
Mom asks Elizabeth to water the flowers. When she returns, the butterfly has vanished. Grandpa points to the sky. And smiles.