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My Mom’s Books

photo (35)My mother, Nancy Markham Alberts, was my co-writer, my best friend, my soulmate. One of the many things we shared was a passion for reading. My mom didn’t overindulge me when I was growing up…except when it came to books. I could stack my arms full of paperbacks at the bookstore, and she’d buy every single one for me. What a lucky, spoilt child I was!

photo (35)

The Nancy Markham Alberts Memorial Butterfly Garden at Chatham University in Pittsburgh

Nancy didn’t just love reading books – she loved writing them as well. She is the author of seven children’s books, as well as numerous poems, short stories and articles. She taught children’s writing at Chatham University and Seton Hill University.

My mother passed away very suddenly on September 12, 2006. I miss her every day, but when I read her books, she’s alive to me again.

Click on the book covers to learn more about my mother’s books. Also, check out the ‘Nancy Markham Alberts Memorial Scholarship’ for the WPASCBWI Spring Retreat.