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Stories of the Great Turning

SOTGT Front CoverMy eco-memoir, “Leaping Aboard: Sea Shepherd Onshore Volunteer Work,” was published in Stories of the Great Turning (Vala, 2013), edited by Peter Reason and Melanie Newman, with a foreword by Joanna Macy. For more information about Stories of the Great Turning, and to order a copy, visit the website of Vala Publishers. You can also order the book through Amazon or Book Depository. Also, please like the book on facebook!

Here is a book of stories written by people who decided to act, in their own lives, in response to the challenges of our time, and found their own way to make a difference. They are not stories about celebrities or gurus of the environmental movement but honest accounts from people who share a concern for the world we live in and who, in the words of one of the contributors, “just got on with it”.

It is a book that takes the question, “What can I do?” and sets out to find some answers using one of our species’ most vital skills: the ability to tell stories in which to spread knowledge, ideas, inspiration and hope.

Read about the transformation of wasteland and the installation of water power, stories about reducing consumption and creating sustainable business, stories from people changing how they live their lives and the inner transformations this demands. 

Praise for Stories of the Great Turning

“The Great Turning…is the essential adventure of our time.” -Joanna Macy, Coming Back to Life

“A treasure trove of transformative tales told by grass-roots activists.” -Satish Kumar, editor of Resurgence & Ecologist

“History tells us about our past. Stories tell us about our future. These very human testimonies from ordinary yet extraordinary people will help to chart the paths.” -Alastair McIntosh, Soil and Soul

Stories of the Great Turning was launched in Sydney, Australia on May 31st, 2013 at Gleebooks. John Seed, Founder and Director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia, introduced Stories of the Great Turning to an audience of over 120 people. Fellow contributing author Clare Power and I read from our chapters. We sold every copy of the book that night! Thanks to Vala Publishing, Gleebooks, Paxton Vineyards and Syndian Natural Food Products for helping make this Australian book launch possible.

Elizabeth Claire Alberts, Clare Power, and John Seed at the book launch of Stories of the Great Turning in Gleebooks.

Elizabeth Claire Alberts, Clare Power, and John Seed at the Australian book launch of Stories of the Great Turning in Gleebooks.